Mail SortingSorting and Sequencing of Letter

Proven processing performance at every step

Different types of systems for letter sorting and sequencing offer you extremely reliable performance with high throughput and availability.

Integrated Reading and Video Coding Machine (IRV)

Our Integrated Reading and Video Coding Machine (IRV) provides reliable letter sorting with an optimized footprint. A compact processing line is combined with a 2-level sorter, resulting in a system that boasts the highest throughput.

Benefits at a glance

  • Ergonomic and compact design, all process devices integrated but easy to access
  • Lower number of total spare parts
  • Optimized gap control for maximum industrial letter sorter performance
  • Minimized jam rates thanks to Siemens’ patented channel gates
  • Reduced power consumption

Compact Letter Sorting

Even with its compact form, the Compact Letter Sorter (CLS) offers optimal ergonomic working conditions in two basic configurations: as a Compact Sequence Sorter (CSS) or as a Compact Reader Sorter (CRS). Thanks to innovative technology and field-proven modules, it guarantees high process quality and system performance. Along with high throughput performance for letters, the systems are flexible enough to handle mail pieces in formats up to C4, and they can process handwritten items with extremely high reading rates.

Benefits at a glance

  • Innovative technology and field proven modules for outstanding operating efficiency, process quality and system performance
  • Highest throughput
  • High machine availability
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Highly configurable functionality for letter sorting and sequencing on minimized floor space
  • Optimal ergonomic working conditions
  • No stacker walls on both levels
  • Compact Sequence Sorter (CSS) and Reader Sorter (CRS) with C4 capability